SDR with $20 USB Dongle

You can now have a SDR (Software Defined Radio) for $20!  The dongle is receive only, but it can handle from 64 MHz to 1700 MHz.  It works in both Windows and Linux.

The dongle is actually a USB DVB-T TV receiver that uses the RTL2832 chipset along with a E4000/FC0012/FC0013 tuner.  The DVB-T is not supported in the US, but there are plenty on eBay and elsewhere.  Here is a list of supported devices.

There is a pretty active group over at Reddit that has been helping each other out.

I have successfully run it under Linux with GNU Radio and in Windows with HDSDR using Balint256 drivers.

You can also follow our findings with SDR via the Wiki.

Wisdom Alarm Project

We have started a new project to interface to the Risco Group Rokonet Wisdom Alarm panel via the RS485 port.

Here is a link to the Wiki page of the project.

So far the code can read partition labels, zone labels, zone status, panel status, arm and disarm.  There are so many unknowns at this time, but we have a great starting point.

We do not have any protocol documentation, so if you can help get some, that would be very helpful and would speed the process along significantly.

We are looking for developers to contribute to this project and hopefully it can become a full Linux Open Source library.