My Thoughts

I started this blog with the intentions of sharing my knowledge and, in general, helping others. We need to learn ourselves, that sharing of knowledge is good, and as a whole we will all be smarter for it, whether that’s in a family, company, country or whole world, as the situation determines the sharing.

I tend to do a lot of “projects”, as I call them, which basically is a way of learning new stuff and testing out ideas and theories. I love learning and reading about new things, I can’t get enough of it. A friend sent me an article about different professions and their attitude of reading a book and how software developers read a lot to learn new skills, that’s true, but everyone has the capability to do that, not just developers.

We need to educate the young people with science and math skills, as this is our future of mankind. We need to learn basic skills like soldering and using instruments, such as multi-meters and oscilloscope’s. These things will help with basic understanding of how things work and hopefully inspire greatness. Pick up a screw driver and take apart that broken VCR and try to fix it. If it’s broke, you can make it worse. Grab an book and teach yourself PHP.

I am a child of the 80′s and our 1st PC was a Tandy TRS-80, which I learned to write very basic programs for. That PC created my passion for computers. Maybe it was the Radio Shack 50-in-1 kit my parents gave me for Christmas one year that solidified my love for electronics. It could also be the high school teacher that inspired me with mechanical drawings and CAD. A very big influence was my parents and their DIY attitude, just being around that and watching that instilled my maker attitude. All things considered, every experience we have, every bit of knowledge we get, broadens our horizons and creates a toolbox of tools that we can use in the future.

I encourage you to join a hackerspace or HAM club. Right now, the world is going through a maker stage, so be a part of it. Take stuff apart, see how it works. Be inspired, design your own. Don’t be scared of technology, embrace it, utilize it and make it your own. The possibilities are endless!


Are you a geek?  Are you a maker?  If so, this may be the place for you.  We are a new website dedicated to the geek in us.  It’s a place to hang out, learn, and explore new ideas.

Welcome to Geekout Labs!